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Please check the availability of our fresh rice products for the current day before placing your online order. Our preparation schedule ensures optimal freshness.

“All paella is served in single portions.”

Paella Valenciana, the one
from a lifetime.

The authentic, the incomparable, the one from the original recipe. A safe bet that will take you back to childhood with every spoonful. Our secret ingredient is nothing but a good pinch of love, just like your grandmother used to do.



Pumpkin rice, caramelized onion, and cuttlefish.

 Rice with pumpkin, caramelized onion, and cuttlefish served on a rich seafood broth. The sweet touch of the onion gives this dish a unique flavor. Are you brave enough to try it?



Cauliflower and ribs rice, "Gluten-free"

Cauliflower and ribs come together in a perfect marriage to offer us this different but well-balanced dish. Do you feel like trying something different, but don’t want to take too much risk?



the other great star

Here you have a very enticing proposal, not only for its flavor but also for how it’s prepared: we cook it with a secret ingredient and a tasty seafood broth that will teleport you directly to paradise. We serve it with cuttlefish and cod. Delicious!


Tuesday - Thursday Saturday - Sunday

Cherry and Vegetable, the vegan option "Gluten-free"

For you, vegan, we have reserved one of our crown jewels. A bold rice dish that brings a breath of fresh air, perfect to enjoy in good weather. The sweet touch of cherries blends perfectly with the seasonal vegetables from our Valencian garden. This one’s for you!


Wednesday - Friday - Sunday

Seafood Rice, a taste of the sea "Gluten-free"

If you’re more of a sea lover than a mountain enthusiast, this one’s for you. A premium rice dish that will captivate you with its enveloping flavor filled with maritime nuances. Imagine yourself on a terrace by the sea and let yourself enjoy.


Thursday - Saturday - Sunday

Baked Rice... Our way! "Gluten-free"

A different take on baked rice, like you’ve never tasted before. Cooked in a paella pan with a base that hides an exquisite smoky flavor. And with a selection of our finest cured meats! One of our all-time classics. Once you try it, you’ll want more.


Wednesday - Saturday - Sunday

Please note that some changes might be made due to the season and product demand.

Our Menu


Spicy Potatoes
(Papas Bravas)

Every morning, we carefully select the finest potatoes, one by one, to prepare our delicious homemade bravas with our secret sauce. An appetizer that never disappoints.


Homemade Ham

Just like your mother’s… Have you not tried our homemade ham croquettes yet? We know comparisons can be tough, and we understand that your mother prepares them with love…



Fresh anchovies that have been marinated with Valencian Orange Sauce, Almonds, and Chili Pepper.


Valencian Esgarraet A typical dish from our land "Gluten-free"

Did you know that its name comes from the preparation process? To make it according to tradition, both the codfish and the pepper must be torn into thin strips. And yes, it is done by hand. The salty flavor of the codfish contrasts with the sweetness of the pepper. You have to try it!


Cooked Morro
one piece

It is a traditional Spanish dish that will delight your palate. It features a succulent pork snout slow cooked to perfection, resulting in tender and flavorful meat. The rich and flavorful juices infused with aromatic herbs and spices make it an irresistible dish.